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2nd place $300
I had a crappy few days in that form of depression I call "the grey" which I just came out of last night, thankfully. Worst part about it was I fell down on a story I was hoping to submit on a March 31 deadline. ("Asura.") Oh well.  I'll still keep writing it.

Other worst part of it was that I didn't even feel good about what I should really feel good about.  Okay, well, I can feel good about it now:

I took 2nd place in the Radical Arts for Women (RAW) short story contest with my story "Itch."  Which also means a welcome $300.

Working a new story....

... working title "Asura." 

Which is what Hinduism calls a demon.  In this case, it's a demon that wants to wake up Lord Shiva by murdering one of my important central characters in Long Dark -- the project I was working on during NaNoWriMo 2009.  So it all takes place aboard a spaceship someplace between our solar system & the next one.

I wrote a longer blog post about it at my main blog, called Storyminded.  There's also a fair bit over there thataway about Science in My Fiction, which is a cool new blog from the folks at Crossed Genres. Science fiction geeks take note!

Where you can read "Cold" which I wrote during 2007 NaNoWriMo & has now been published
It's in issue 12 of Crossed Genres, the LGBTQ issue -- here's the direct link to the story.

Also, as I just announced on my blog, "Cold" has been selected to represent the LGBTQ issue in Crossed Genres' first anthology, which will include one story from each of its first 12 issues.  Read my blog post here.  There's also details about how you can get a great deal by preordering a copy of the anthology during November for 10% off & getting a free one year subscription to Crossed Genres in the bargain.

The story "Cold" was written on November 1, 2007 on the first day of NaNoWriMo 2007.  It's been revised a bit since, of course, but it's substantially what I wrote for NaNo.  Take a breather from NaNo2009 & read it!

Third Thursday!
It's third Thursday so I expect a NaNo gathering tonight at Denny's?

I'll be quite late: I'm going first to the Sweet Honey in the Rock concert at UAA, which starts at 7:30.  Hope there will still be people there when I get there.

Update: looks like I'll be there timely after all: Acapella Festivella (@ which Sweet Honey in the Rock is appearing) is sold out.  But hey, NaNo's a good consolation, don'cha think?  And I know what I'm writing on.  (Beside my Macbook.)

-- Mel

My October reading list
All about what I'm reading (or trying to read) in the run-up to NaNoWriMo in November: My October reading list.

Okay, here I am
But, as my profile says, most of my blogging is done at I'm here mainly to participate in a particular community that's here; other than that, a comment here & there on other people's livejournals. That's all I've gotta say at the moment.


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